Framing Effect Theory

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Terms & Definitions:
  • accessibility - the ease with which a certain notion could be recalled in memory
  • activation - elevated excitement level of a certain idea in mind
  • associative_network_of_memory - the assumed structure of how cognitive notions are structured in memory
  • attribution - the psychological process of how individuals make inferenes about the cause of an issue or event
  • cultural_shock - organized set of beliefs, codes, values, and norms that are shared in the memory of a group or a society
  • frame - abstract principles that organize experiences to generate coherent meaning
  • framed_text - media texts that contain manifest linguistic features, which point to a central idea

Scope Conditions:
  1. The readers have incomplete information about the event or issue involved.
  2. Readers are not expert in the area involved.
  1. Framed text activates notions in the associative network of memory.
  2. The activation spread to other nodes connected in the network of memory.
  3. Activation notions are more accessible than inactive notions.
  4. More accessible notions are more likely to be used for cognition and evaluation.
  5. Cultural shock influences the content and structure of individual's associative network of memory.